snowmass day 1, 2 and 3

Collen and I left SLC and made it to Snowmass super quick. Colleen likes to drive 100-105 MPH. But she is a good driver. We pulled into snowmass and went and visited with people. Went to Zane's with Mitch, Nancy, Jeremy and Cody. Sam and Van came as well a little later. It was good times at Zane's chatting and laughing. Me and colleen then were shown the "tour Bus" which is this truck with a camper in the bed. That is where me and colleen will sleep the next 2 nights. It was really comfy actually! We got all settled in and got some GREAT sleep!!

We got up at 8am and went over to the jumps and just jumped, jumped and jumped. The jumps were super jenky but it was fun and the wall hit was good times also. all the little camper kids showed up and we watched them for a bit. They are awesome and hilarious! Some of them are super siiiiick! Then we hoped in the snowmass truck to go up to the boardercross course. One of the little boys hates girls and would not sit by me or let him touch him, aparently I have coodies once again...dang I thought i got rid of those so long ago! hahaha so of course I poked fun at him the rest of the day. it was hilarious. I decided I am not going to race boarder cross this year. It is just too early to be doing that gnarly course. It is a sweet course.....but gnarly and fast. Then hmmm what did we do...oh went back down and hung out for a while, gave the kids some dirtstar shirts. then we found Dan devorkin, plunger, ali and their other hawaiian buddy. Me and Sam took a trip to the store....the city market....where no one knows english! then came back, me and colleen used paint pens and did some dirtstar hats. Went and hung out at the slopestyle course while they put together the drop in ramp. Then back to the room, then out to the tour bus for some good sleep.

Up this morning at 7am for breakfast with the hawiians and mitch. Great French toast! hit the spot and off to dig! dig dig dig...moved lots of dirt and rocks. Made sure everyone had sunscreen on and lots of H20. Me and colleen went swimming with plunger and ali. Then moved to our new condo. Me, shawn and mason went to the store, got some food and then we all went hot tubbing again and swimming and now we are winding down. It is pouring rain outside. all my sleeping stuff got went in the tour bus, the windows were open...bummer!

Well that is everything so far. Wish it was not raining! I hate rain! I hate getting wet!

I will put up photos stuff is too disorganized to find my camera cable.


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