snowmass day 4

Oh man I am trying to recall all the craziness that has unfolded this week. Today, I woke up about 8am. Went and registered. Then went over to the slopestyle course. MBS was there and they were getting the roll in ramp off the trailer and getting all the stuff fixed from the rain. It rained ALL night. I went and Helped Mitch and the JSP dudes put up Paul Mitchell Banners up at the boardercross course. Then Sam came up and said they were going to Aspen to skate and eat lunch. Well I had never been to aspen and so i was like hmmm....sure I will go. So we went and went to this gas station to pump up our mt board tires. got hit on by this dude who worked there. He was all into colleen...and her longboarding and mt boarding. We left and rolled into the skatepark. All eyes on us! We had all these dudes talking to us and was pretty awesome. I was mt boarding the skatepark, doing pretty well if I say so myself, got a little confident and ended up crashing pretty bad. I hurt! stupid coping catching my front tires and launching me down 6 feet and out into the middle. concrete hurts! I had this little dude that was all stoked on me and us girls. He gave me the cushion off his huffy bike to wear on my wrist for added protection. He thought my crash was the craziest thing EVER. he was so stoked on us girls and followed us around. Cute little kids at the skatepark! We towed each other into this grass hill jump and I just couldn't take the pain anymore and just layed down for a while. We went and found a resturant to eat at and walked around aspen...which HURT!! I was in so much pain. But sam and colleen were having so much fun I just sucked it up and dealt with the pain. We got back and went to the slopestyle practice, which was over before I got to drop. So that sucked, but was probably good. I needed the rest. Stowe, his sister, mason, shawn and I went hot tubbing and swimming, which made my back feel better a little. We then went down to Zanes and hung out with everyone down there. More people have arrived. Good to see lots of familiar faces. but now I am tired and hurting so I am going to stretch and go to bed. I am cooking breakfast for mason, shawn and I tomorrow morning.


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