Oh Mt hood how I miss you!

I sit here at my desk this morning and all I can think about is MT HOOD! Hiking up to the snow and snowboarding a couple weekends ago. Oh how I crave the snow, ant the snow. It reminded me of how much I really love the snow, how much I really love hiking funny how when you don't see snow you forget, when you don't hike much anymore you forget how you loved it.

Anyways...so my morning has been a funny one....I showed up to the carpool area....to wait there for almost 30 minutes and have no one show up. hmm....so I had to drive up. I found out that everyone except cody is coming into work today...haha! Glad I did not ride my bike to the carpool area, that would have been annoying this morning. So I get to work and by this time I am STARVING!! So I get milk in my bowl and milk in my cup...just like I do most mornings, then take these to my desk and put the cereal in the bowl and the choc milk mix in the cup. My main boss comes in to the break room and we chatted for a sec, then he looked down at my bowl of milk and cup of milk and says "Milk for breakfast?"....I laughed and told him I had cereal (Gorilla Munch) and choc milk powder at my desk! haha. It was hilarious!!!!! Maybe you had to be there....but it was hilarious none the less.

One thing I do not recommend for one to do this morning is google "sore body" I thought I could find maybe a funny picture of comic about someone who is sore from working out....This is not what comes up. I almost threw up, the photo that came up was a pressure sore that had burst...GAAAAGGGG!!!


King Fairbanks said…
i went hiking on wednesday, and there was snow up there.
P.S. i did update my blog.
climbingrocks said…
oh my disgusting!!!! the first page came up and I was like "what was she talking about" but oh page two, yeah emily that is about the most morbid thing ever!
Phil Honus said…
If you're looking for a picture of a HOT body, check out this link: http://imalbum.aufeminin.com/album/D20060208/164640_Q53CJEO1E6LRUTOM4V2UKCSROO1K7Q_fat_H204106_L.jpg

I realize the link is long, but it is worth it.
Phil Honus said…
I don't think the link got copied all of the way.
Here it is again:
Phil Honus said…
I guess I just can't get it together.

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