Mountainboard Learn 2 Rides

2 weekends ago I helped teach with The Salty Peaks Mt board team over 100 people to mountainboard. It was really fun and flowed really well. Got pretty chaotic at the end, people leaving the festival and walking in the way of where we were mt boarding. But we put some police tape up and that stopped all the stupid people from walking into people flying at them on boards.
Overall it was a pretty good day. The kids started at the beginner hill and when they were ready moved over to try out the jumps. We got some pretty quick learning talented kids. hopefully they will come out to the next learn 2 ride.

Me teaching some Rad kids who have been coming out for a year.
They have doubled in size from last year and are now big enough to try out the jump!
Teaching them how to strap in so their little feet won't pop out
One of the people learning how to mt board
Paul John's teaching how to "get low" and "bend the knees"

One of the kids who advanced to "the freestyle section"
The end of a great day needs a sweet high five off the jump. Mason and Sean made it happen


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