Snowboarding In July - Flat Tops, CO

We made our way back to Steamboat Springs, CO after shredding St. Mary's Glacier for the day and stayed at Shannon's House again and the next morning we went to the Flat tops in search of snow. We made our way up to Stillwater Lake. The snow ended up being really far away and we joked the whole time coming up that we would hit these little snow patches we saw on our way up if we needed to. Well we ended up hitting a sweet little snow patch up there and had tons of fun on it.
Sean Trying to read the horrible map from the ranger's station.

Thumbs up to shredding the patch!
Photos of me shredding the Patch

Strapping in

Down I go. Shredding it up with my Prana bliss Capri's and Nikita T-shirt. We put our goggles on to at least feel like we were really shredding hard!

Hiking Back up

Here is Shannon Shredding down
I got video of her first drop and the first drop on the snow patch!

She took a couple falls, they made us laugh and gave her a little bit of bleeding and bruising.
I had to come unstrap her on this one..hehe
Sean sat and sun bathed the whole time. In this photo he was mad at me cuz I sprayed him. hehe

He decided he needed to snowboard and took a run down in his running shoes and on my board
People thought we were crazy but we had lots of fun


Gabrielle said…
love the picts... looks like fun

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