Snowboarding In July - St, Mary's Glacier

Sean and I took a trip to Colorado Last weekend to do some shraping on the snow in Colorado.

First we rolled into Steamboatd Springs, CO and stayed at Shannon' s house. One of my buddies from high school. It was rad to see her again, since high school.

We got up the next morning and headed out to St. Mary's Glacier. To get there you go to to Idaho Springs and just west of it you take that exit and go straight up to the end of the road and start hiking.

We went though the Eisenhower tunnel...where I tried to hold my breath through it. I failed, both times there and back. I got further on the way back, if Sean would have hit the gas maybe it could have been possible. This tunnel just goes straight through the mt. Pretty cool.
Then We got to St. Mary's Glacier...or well the start of the trail.
Then we got to the top of the trail. Here are photos of Sean and myself with a great view of the Glacier and lake the glacier melts into.

Here we are hiking up with our gear and crampons. Crampons make a world of difference and I sure would have been struggling with out them! so glad that I got them!!

We made it to the top!

The Beautiful upper, above treeline meadows. There is a 14'er in the background. There was a ton of wild flowers all over the place up there. So pretty and peaceful
Here is myself shredding down. It was really bouncy so Sean did not get a lot of infocus shots. Thanks for trying though!

Sean did not have enough and went back up for some more. The clouds came in and covered the sun and it started to get pretty cold.

One last look at the glacier and sean's line down the crazy part.
Back down the trail to the car we go...
This should be on a inspirational poster or something...
YEAH St. Mary's has been conquered!


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