The Levitation Project

If you guys have not heard about the levitation project you need to check the out!

The levitation project is a collective of athletes, photographers, cinematographers, artists and designers. They have created a movement that the snow industry has never seen. Using grassroots marketing, facebook, online videos and lots of amazing filming. They have helped the most talented athletes to get noticed and are now top rated snowboarders in the world.

I was extremely lucky to get an opportunity to work with these guys. They hired me on as the facemask seamstress. I love to sew so this has been such a fun opportunity for me. I now own 3 sewing machines; my regular sewing machine, coverstick lock sewing machine and a serger lock machine. I am so excited to use these machines to create so many more things!

Photo of me at the levitation project headquarters cutting fabric
 Here is the finished product after they vinyl lay their logo on it.

I have had the opportunity to try out and use some of the other products they sell. I have loved everything so far that I have gotten from them.

made in the USA with a combination of merino wool and a stretch nylon
I have loved these socks immensely designed to be a longer sock and it reaches just up past my knee.
They are a thin, but warm sock. I find myself waking up and if I am wearing casual clothing I put these socks on to keep me warm while out and about with out putting on a baselayer. With merino wool as a fabric fiber in this sock it really keeps the odor away. I have worn these I have no idea how many times and have not washed them, that is why I love merino wool. It has great insulation properties and odor control! The most innovative way I have used these was on christmas day, going to church with my grandma and family. I wore a skirt that went just past my knee, it was extremely cold, so I put on my gray socks, pulled them up past my knee and wore them to church, no one knew any different! I was so warm and comfortable!

 This is the warmest beanie I have ever had to date. If I did not wear a helmet snowboarding this would be the most amazing beanie to shred in. I prefer to do the slouch back style but having it rolled over is still awesome and I do that when I need super warmth on my ears. Everyone who sees this loves it!

WAX /All Temp

The Levitation Project wax smells so yummy. The first day we waxed our boards up with the all temp wax, we should have choosen the cold wax, it was a freezing cold day and we were sticking a bit, but we were better off then everyone else on the slopes who were unstrapped stuck places because their boards were sandpaper. We then went shredding a few more times on that wax job and were gliding and full of speed! I was so glad I had LP wax on my board on some of the FEW powder days snowbird has gotten this season. I will write a new blog as I test out the waxes more. They have Cold and Warm temp wax along side of their All Temp Wax.

Support this amazing company and riders they support and purchase something from them. They have many items, check out their shop to see everything they offer, more arriving all the time!


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