Paragliding weekend maddness

This weekend was full of paragliding activities. I was the driver for 2 INSPO flight days. It was fun, wish I could have been up flying myself, but I am not anywhere close to being able to fly the mountains, so for now I just support the people who can and be their driver. Pick them up if they sink out. It was some good times.

I flew the south side Friday morning, which was awesome....this awful weather had been keeping me from flying for a while! felt good to be in the air.

Friday night Billy took me on a tandem flight...but not an ordinary one, we had marshall dangling from a rope below 3 people on 1 paraglider. Then he said "see ya" and unhooked himself and canopy jumped. I see him fall and then his parachute open. that was crazy!

Then we had a BBQ party at Brad's House. It was fun times. There were little awesome rad kids EVERYWHERE! Hunlows kids were so much fun to play with, they are rad kids. There was a chihuahua puppy the kids just loved! Good times, headed home at like 2am....that was a long day. up at 6 am, home in bed at 3am! whhaat!

Here are some photos from the weekend.


Mikey said…
Hey Emily! It has been quite a while since I heard from you! Looks like you found my big bro in the sky. Crazy to hear about your back and all the nutty stuff you have been doing. Looks like you are living the good life! Keep in touch~

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