update maddness

So let see...crazy amounts of things have gone on in my life and I really stopped blogging, just too busy and just found other things to spend my time doing I guess.

I was selected to be on trutv's top 20 most shocking. They came out and filmed me....right after I was getting off a broken foot...which didn't give any impressive riding, but it was still fun. I got to see my footage of breaking my back after over 4 years since the accident. It was a bit surreal to watch this.

Last summer I started learning to paraglide, it has been awesome times. I broke my foot 2 weeks after starting lessons and with winter being so busy I have just started my lessons back up to get my license.

Then I got a snowboard coaching job with Team Utah www.teamutah.org which was soo awesome! I had 3 amazing kids matthew, aiden and alex. Then later in the season we picked up Parker, Dave and Nicole. I had so much fun and had an amazing season with them!

Here are some videos of the older athletes and us coaches shredding

One of Nicole

Here is a video of just me snowboarding this season

A video of my dancing on the chair lift

Getting some backcountry powder

It was a good winter overall. I finally do not feel crippled so badly anymore and actually progressed my snowboarding skills and was able to really spin this year and finally start doing stuff I used to do again.

This then leads us into mountainboarding season so far. I have been doing mountainboard webesodes weekly so far. 3 are done and my editing skills have improved with each one...they make my snowboard videos look awful. But I got a new HD camera from my mom for an early birthday present and it takes awesome video!

I will update with the 4th webesode and continue to post them on here as I make them each week.

This year has really had the best times of my life and the worst times of my life. I am surprised I am still alive to be honest and I am trying to learn to enjoy living life again. My family has rallied around me like I never could have expected. It is amazing really and I am ever so lucky to have them in my life. So life moves on and continue the adventures.

This summer well in less than a month I head out to Connecticut to run a mountainboarding program at a summer camp. I will be there june 18th to august 18th and plan to travel around the east coast a little before and a little after. Then I head out to colorado for a mountainboarding competition and then get settled back into utah and getting life figured out a little.

Well that is a bit of quick update on my life thus far. Sorry for my lack of posting after being such a great poster for a few years. I will see if I can get back in the swing of blogging.


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